ORT Will Handle All of Your Machinery Needs

Machine assembly and repair services in Erie, MI

Do you need a specific part built for your machine? Do have a machine that needs to be repaired? ORT Tool & Die Corporation of Erie, MI is the manufacturing company to call. From installations and retrofits to repairs and maintenance, we provide a wide range of services to meet your mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and engineering needs.

We keep machines operating smoothly for all sorts of plants

We keep machines operating smoothly for all sorts of plants

ORT services machinery that is manufactured in our facility. However, we also repair a wide range of parts and machines made by other firms. Our highly trained team of engineers and technicians can:

  • Service and repair tools and machine assembly lines
  • Install custom machine assembly lines
  • Complete production changeovers
  • Retrofit and rewire electrical components
  • Disassemble machinery and reassemble it at a different location

We also offer 24/7 emergency services. When your machinery needs repairs quickly, reach out to us. We'll be at your plant in no time to repair the damage.


Ort has the capabilities to design and build an entire machine, including electrical controls. Our electrical team has extensive hands on training and experience serving customers in many different industries specializing in industrial automation. We have the capacity for projects of any size. Whether it's our electrical engineers or our electricians, we can do the project in our facility or yours, anywhere in the world. We design, fabricate, integrate and install state of the art control and instrumentation systems into existing or new equipment. Should you have a project or requirement, please contact us to see how we may help.